New & Noteworthy 12/11: Blackened Is The End

Posted by on December 11, 2012

This is almost the end, folks. We have one more week of New & Noteworthy for the year, and then the year is DONE for new music. Now, some of you might be crying foul over the fact that we released our Top Ten lists last week, since there are still two more weeks of new music left. But as you will see, the releases this week and next are very low in quantity, and they are mostly albums that we are already aware of, and were factored into our lists during composition. If any of us change our lists after next Tuesday, then shame on us, but otherwise, we made sure that the lists of top albums we composed came from the most comprehensive selection of music that we had available. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it!


The big release for this week will probably be a big draw for holiday shoppers, which is why you should give it some attention. The rest of the list is mostly underground material, but it’s worth your consideration all the same!



Metallica, Quebec Magnetic (Blackened)


The first ever release on Blackened Recordings, the label that Metallica formed earlier this year, Quebec Magnetic covers the complete setlists of two shows in Quebec from October 31st and November 1st of 2009, during the World Magnetic Tour. One of the two shows is shown in its entirety from start to finish, while the songs played exclusively on the night of the second show are included as extras. This is probably the only video release that the USA will get from the World Magnetic Tour, although other releases are available in Europe and Latin America for those with the desire to obtain such releases. In any case, this DVD experience is all-encompassing, taking the full gamut of Metallica’s discography and including it within these two shows. For those that missed out on the World Magnetic Tour, you’ll definitely want to get this!



Also being released this week:


Circle of Contempt, Entwine the Threads (Sumerian)


Machinae Supremacy, Rise of a Digital Nation (Spinefarm)


Erupted, In the Grip of Chaos (Abyss)


Pain Confessor, Incarcerated (Spinefarm)


The Gardnerz, It All Fades (Abyss)


For All I Am, Living Dead (Equal Vision)



Next Week: 2012’s new release calendar ends with a flurry of last-minute holiday items that you’ll want to be aware of! Come back for one last round of new releases before we celebrate the beginning of 2013!


Also, if you missed it last week, New & Noteworthy’s Top Ten Albums of 2012 was published last Friday, among lists from the other writers and contributors here at MetalInsider. If you missed them, please go check out everyone’s lists, and be sure to post your own list in the comments too!

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