New Gorguts excerpt, “Beseiged,” streaming

Posted by on April 5, 2016

gorgutspleiadesdustIt took Gorguts 12 years to follow up From Wisdom to Hate with 2013’s Colored Sands. So for their new follow-up, Pleiades’ Dust, they’ve delivered…. one song? Yes, but it’s a 30 minute-long one, so it’s got that going for it. The technical death metal masters are putting the EP out on May 13th, and you’ve already gotten to hear the first six minutes of it, courtesy of the movement “Wandering Times.” Now, thanks to Guitar World, we can hear another seven minutes of it, as they’re streaming “Beseiged,” another segment. Here’s what the  band’s Luc Lemay says about the movement:

“With “Besieged”, the composition that is ‘Pleiades’ Dust’ reaches its last segment. I wanted to have a ‘Funeral March’ feel to it, since it is a dramatic point in the story, when the Mongol invaders destroy the library and most of the books are thrown in the Tigris river. Musically, I wanted to pay tribute to 3 things with the opening doom riff. First, in the progression of the doom riff, throughout the four repeats, I wanted to expose the theme in unison and in counterpoint, among the string instruments, that gets more complex each time. This constitutes an ode to Penderecki’s second violin concerto, which introduces a funeral march feel right after the cadenza. Second, is the guitar tone represents a big nod to the sound of Sunlight studio / HM2. I am absolutely crazy about this guitar tone, which we find on the first ENTOMBED album and also the BLOODBATH records. Those had a massive influence on me, when I was writing ‘Considered Dead’. Third, is the ‘doom riff” guitar work that I originally discovered on the first PARADISE LOST album. I was so intrigued by this dark feel in their writing style and that was also a huge influence for the distinct dual guitar riffs on ‘Considered Dead’. Therefore this is a tribute to Greg Mackintosh.”

The EP will be released on Season of Mist on Friday, May 13, and you can pre-order it here.



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