metallangaThe Grammys, eh? They sure were polarizing. While it was nice that Black Sabbath got to pick up an award, most metal fans were a little, make that a lot, disappointed by the show. First of all, Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman was snubbed in the list of musicians that passed in 2013. Then the Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age performance was cut off, something both Trent Reznor and Josh Homme reacted to (well, he might have just been a little pissed about losing to Imagine Dragons for Best Rock Performance). And then there was the performance. Metallica’s performance of “One” with classical pianist Lang Lang was at least a chance to make up for playing the song a quarter century before on the show, then losing to Jethro Tull. But injecting piano into the song definitely struck some as strange.

At any rate, now you can spend some time with the version of “One.” The “Awards Show Rehearsal Version) has just been released on iTunes. If you’re a Metallica completist, like many are, you’ll probably want this to listen to and file away next to S&M. Likewise, Lang Lang fans, or those that like both classical music and songs about being mostly disfigured due to stepping on a landmine will probably want to download this as well. And since all YouTube clips of the Grammys have been taken down by now, it’s pretty much the only way to hear it. You can purchase the version here.