Megadeth Debut New Song Live In Hamburg, Germany

Posted by on July 5, 2011


This past weekend has been a busy one for Dave Mustaine and co. In addition to jamming with Big 4 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden, Megadeth premiered a new song during a headlining performance in Hamburg, Germany last night (July 4).

Bootleg video of the band performing the new song, called “Public Enemy No. 1,” has surfaced online. While we’ve heard a snippet of “Never Dead” in the trailer for the video game of the same name, this is our first taste of a full song off of Megadeth’s new as-yet-untitled album.  “Public Enemy No. 1” isn’t as fast as (the minute we heard of) “Never Dead,” but still sounds pretty solid and heavy.

You can watch the bootleg video up top and give “Public Enemy No. 1” a listen for yourself.

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