Cynic-Kindly-Bent-to-Free-UsFor a band that’s existed for nearly 27 years, Cynic don’t have many full length albums out. In fact, since 1993’s classic debut, Focus, the band only released one other full length, 2997’s Traced in Air. That’s about to change though, as the band’s third, Kindly Bent to Free Us, will come out on February 18th in North America (and Valentine’s Day in the rest of the world). You’ve already gotten to hear the album’s title track and “The Lion’s Roar,” and as you might guess, the album finds the band evolving farther away from their death metal beginnings into a more progressive sound. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and should make up in new fans what it loses in “this doesn’t sound like Death” detractors. Pitchfork is streaming the album now, so give it a listen.