Ken Mode have a Jean-ius plan

Posted by on April 23, 2015

KEN Mode’s forthcoming album, Success, seems like somewhat of a departure for the band . Recorded by Steve Albini, it seems like it’s a little less on the hardcore side and a little more on the noise rock/Amphetamine Reptile side of things. Take, for example, “These Tight Jeans,” a song that’s streaming now on NPR. The Canadian trio’s leadoff song from their sixth album. It’s angular, riffy, and heavy, but catchier in an almost garage rock kind of way, with female vocals from Jill Clapham. Here’s what frontman Jesse Matthewson says about the track:

“These Tight Jeans is a post punk-rock tribute to the absolute insanity of the ‘hater’ culture that plagues the media, social networking, and our daily lives as human beings alive in 2015. The first line of the song says it all: “I would like to learn how to kill the nicest man in the world”. Stop disrespecting each other and go run a marathon, do some push-ups, read a book, create something: get a life. Life’s too short. Guest vocals came from our friend Jill Clapham, and channels plenty of feel from 80’s post punk and garage rock coupled with our usual bite.”

Success will be out on June 16th on Season of Mist.



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