Judas Priest show off their “Firepower” with title track of new album

Posted by on February 2, 2018

Black Sabbath are done. Slayer appear to be calling it quits after one more tour, and rumors suggest Ozzy will be doing the same. Thankfully, Judas Priest are still around, and they’re going stronger than ever. Case in point? Today they released the title track of their forthcoming album Firepower. While some bands barely last 18 months, this is their 18th album, and marks their 44th year of albums. That’s a ridiculous run, but the new track could have come out 35 years ago and no one would have batted an eye. Note that we didn’t say 32 years ago, because that was when the band was in their Turbo synth phase they went through.

The band will be on tour starting on March 13th,  four days after Firepower is released on Epic Records. Pre-order it here. in a variety of formats, including cassette! 


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