It’s that time of year again, and of course, what’s the Holiday Season without “Best of” lists?  So at the risk of offending everyone, here is my Top 10 of 2017:

10 )Mutoid Man, War Moans 

Is there anything Stephen Brodsky creates that isn’t good? I don’t think so and Mutoid Man’s 2017 release is no exception. “Bandages” is one of the best songs of the year.

suggested track: “Bandages” 



9) Cripper, Follow Me: Kill

Germany’s Cripper, again, fell under the radar given their limited geographic range in terms of touring. I listened to Follow Me Kill many times this past year and it really grew on me. With some exposure here in North America on a major tour, there’s little doubt they’d ascend a bit higher in the global metal conversation.

Suggested track: “World Coming Down”


8) Satyricon, Deep Calleth Upon Deep 

While not like many of their classic records, Satyricon still brings us a solid release. Yes, the band has slowed down a great deal. Yes, Satyr does some awkward things in and outside of the recording studio and there’s no way we’re getting another Nemesis Divina again, but a more prominent role for Anders Odden in the band has helped add some new layers to the band’s overall compositions.

Suggested track “Burial Rite”


7) Venom Inc., Ave Satanas 

Many metal fans expected something good from this lineup, but what they actually received was pretty incredible. This is some great black and roll from the masters of the genre.

Suggested Track: “Dein Fleisch”



6) Helheim,  landawarijaR

Cut short by a disastrous tour to North America, Helheim still has yet to take hold here in the States and Canada but that doesn’t reflect on the quality of their music. Not only did they give us one of 2017’s best records, they also gave us 2017’s best videos with “Ymr” and “Baklengs mot intent.”

Suggested track: “Ymr”