Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris To Release First Solo Album

Posted by on July 18, 2012

Well, at least it’s not Janick Gers. Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris, who’s sound is really an anchor of the band, has announced that he’ll be releasing his first-ever solo album, British Lion, on September 24 on EMI. The 10-track album was produced by Kevin Shirley, who’s been behind the board for the last four Iron Maiden albums, and was recorded over the past several years in between Maiden tours and albums.

 “I’ve always been proud to be British,” Steve says about the album, which a press release describes as “heavy rock.” “I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be. It’s a massive part of being me. It’s not like I’m flag-waving or trying to preach, this is not a political statement at all. It’s like supporting your football team, where you come from. I just think it lends itself to some really strong imagery too, and to me it fits in with the sound.”

As to what the album will sound like, it’s hard to say. The press release describes it as “heavy rock,” and other band members include vocalist Richard Taylor and guitarist David Hawkins. Harris joins Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson as Maiden members that have put out solo albums, most recently Smith’s Primal Rock Rebellion album that came out earlier this year. Track listing after the jump. There’s no word yet on if or when this album is coming out in the United States.

1.This Is My God
2.Lost Worlds
3.Karma Killer
4.Us Against The World
5.The Chosen Ones
6.A World Without Heaven
8.Eyes Of The Young
9.These Are The Hands
10.The Lesson

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