ghostep600Listen guys, we were just kidding on April 1st when we told you that Dave Grohl was actually the drummer of Ghost (or, uh, Ghost B.C.). But the reason the story got traction was that he actually had played on and produced a cover of Abba’s “I’m A Marionette” as a b-side for the band’s second album Infestissumam. Then it turned out that he’d produced a handful of covers for the band, which will be released next week as an EP If You Have Ghost. The Quietus is streaming the EP with commentary from the band. Among the things you’ll find out is that Grohl also played on the Depeche Mode cover, as well as rhythm guitar on “If You Have Ghosts.” They also go into why they recorded the songs they did and what they almost wound up recording instead. While we’ll update this post when the whole EP is available for streaming in the States (it won’t let you listen yet), the Army of Lovers song is below.

While The Quietus streamed the EP in its entirety overseas, Consequence Of Sound has the U.S. premiere of it, and now can be streamed in its entirety below.