It wasn’t long ago that How To Destroy Angels announced that not only were they putting a new EP out this year (and an album next year), but they were doing it via Columbia. Given that the project’s first EP was released for free, them signing with a label came as somewhat of a surprise. Regardless, the band has released the first single from their forthcoming EP, “Keeping It Together.”

Those expecting a full-on Nine Inch Nails-like experience will probably be disappointed. The song is dominated by Reznor’s wife, Mariqueen Maandig, and will probably mainly appeal to those that picked up the first EP. You do hear Trent’s instantly recognizable voice chime in on the chorus, though. In all, it’s a bit more muted than what some might expect, but if you’re a Massive Attack fan, you’ll probably get right on board with this.

The EP will be out on November 13th.