Italian death metal outfit Hideous Divinity are gearing up to release their new EP, LV-426, on April 23rd via Century Media Records (pre-order here). What sets this EP apart from the rest is Aliens. By this, we mean the Alien franchise series, which started with 1979 Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, following 1986’s Aliens directed by James Cameron; 1992’s Alien 3 directed by David Fincher 1997’s Alien Resurrection directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. However, this particular release focuses on the James Cameron-directed film, as the sub-narrative follows the story of Rebeca “Newt” Jordan’s point of view. With this upcoming EP circling a fun storyline, we wanted to continue the amusement by asking guitarist Enrico Schettino to share his favorite Alien movies. 


05) Alien Resurrection (1997)

I worshipped the movie when it came out in 1997… I rewatched it some months ago and I thought “Meh”. Lots of cool FXs for a 90s movie -it was all about that, nevermind the screenplay or the acting. Some scenes are beyond awesome though. Brad Dourif and Ron Perlman interpretations alone are worth watching.



04) Prometheus (2012) 

I liked it no matter the flaws and goofs in terms of screenplay and story (some characters are… forgettable). But there’s something about the whole idea behind the Engineers that simply works. It’s intriguing. As well as Michael Fassbenders’ David. The work behind the Engineers’ native language reminded me about Ridley Scott’s accuracy when he conceived “Cityspeak” with Edward James Olmos in Blade Runner. It’s safe to call it the trademark of a genius, I guess.



03) Alien (1979)

We all agree it’s a masterpiece. For many, there shouldn’t even be a discussion about which chapter should be the best…  For some reason I’m less attached to this movie compared to the second and third chapter, but there are moments that literally made the history of movies. “1979… unbelievable.” I thought the same first time I watched Apocalypse Now. 



02) Alien 3 (1992)

The most criminally underrated movie ever. Apparently movie nerds are busier criticizing the CGA work done on the dog alien (… hello?! It was 1991) rather than appreciating  Unbelievable how David Fincher managed things with such personality while the boat was sinking all around him. The whole movie is claustrophobic, dirty, oppressing, a nightmare with hell’s palette. Best photography ever made. Watched it at the movies at age 12: that scene with the alien bursting out of the dog during the furnace funeral… devastating.



01) Aliens (1986) 

Well, that’s why we’re here, right?