From First to Last hasn’t released a new album since 2010’s Throne to the Wolves. Since then, they’ve reformed without onetime vocalist Sonny Moore, who’s been busy with his own project as Skrillex. In his place is Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotelo, and while he’s got his own thing happening with Periphery, he’s stated that he’ll remain in both bands. The band successfully crowd-funded an EP, but decided to make it an album.  Earlier today, the band released the first taste of new music, “Dead Trees,” to feature their new vocalist.

“Dead Trees” is slick, commercial metalcore that will definitely appeal to longtime fans of the band, and maybe bring them more success than they had back in their heyday. And in addition to FFTL’s longtime fans, this should get some interest from others as well. If you’re a fan of Periphery, you’ll probably at least want to check the song out. Also, Travis Richter, who some may remember as the singer of The Human Abstract before they broke up, has returned to the band to play rhythm guitar, which he initially did for them from 2007-2010.