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Posted by on August 25, 2016


The Violent Sleep of Reason is what the new Meshuggah album is called, and we’ve known it’s coming out in October. Today via Rolling Stone, we finally get to hear what it sounds like, via their streaming of the first song from it, “Born In Dissonance.” It’s every bit as chaotic as the band have been for nearly 30 years, a polyrhymic journey that, like the whole album, was played and recorded live in the studio. Drummer Tomas Haake says the new song was inspired by the apocalypse:

“It ties in with the Biblical Apocalypse, the idea of a deity coming back to undo it all and taking to heaven the ones who are righteous,” he tells Rolling Stone. “It’s about a monster that’s coming for us, or maybe an asteroid hurtling towards the earth. It’s always been a weird conundrum for me how some people, even devout people, fear the Apocalypse whilst others welcome it. I’ve never understood that.”

We’re still digesting, as Meshuggah have never been a one-listen band, but it’s not disappointing in the least. If you’re wondering where the album title came from, it was inspired by a Gota painting, “THe Sleep Of Reason Prosuces Monsters.”

The Violent Sleep of Reason will be released on October 7 and can be preordered here.

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