Ghost Premiering Pieces Of New Song Online

Posted by on December 14, 2012

It was revealed just yesterday that Ghost is wrapping up work on their sophomore album. It was also revealed that Papa Emeritus would bestow a “special offering” to those who sign up online with their email addresses this Saturday beginning at 10pm local time CET. Turns out that said special offering could be new music, which Ghost are already starting to tease online.

As we speak, Ghost is streaming a new song one instrumental piece at a time through the website secularhaze.com. By hovering over candles that appear on the web page (along with a clock, as seen above), you can hear one isolated instrumental track of said new song. Every few hours, a new candle will appear, thus giving us another instrument to hear. Chances are that the new song will premiere as whole by 10pm tomorrow.

It’s also worth noting that the roman numeral LXXIV, which translates to “73,” appears on the web page as well. What exactly it means (days remaining before the new album’s release?) is still unclear. Either way, it looks like we have a new song from Ghost to look forward to this weekend. Head over to secularhaze.com now to hear pieces of a new Ghost song and sign up for an email update.

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