Exclusive premiere: Sepultura, “Orgasmatron” live in Barcelona 1991

Posted by on June 7, 2018

On June 15th, Rhino Records will release an expanded edition of Sepultura’s fourth album, Arise. While the Brazilian thrash titans had been around since 1984, their second release for Roadrunner Records was the one that broke through in America, perhaps due to the classic “Dead Embryonic Cells.” And while a remastered version of that album alone is reason enough to pick it up, the new expanded edition of the album includes an additional 28 tracks

While there’s more than one way to make a special edition of an album even more special, a Motorhead cover certainly doesn’t hurt. What makes it even better is two. The band’s take on the band’s “Orgasmatron” was a b-side, but also an iconic one. Part of the expanded edition is the Under Seige: Live in Barcelona VHS. Among it, is a cover of “Orgasmatron,” which makes it’s appearance on record for the first time. We’re proud to bring you a taste of the expanded edition via an iconic lineup of an iconic band covering another iconic band. You can pick up the expanded edition here


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