Hailing from Dublin and Tokyo, atmospheric post-hardcore outfit Clarity will release their new EP, In The Light of Lies Pt.2 tomorrow (5th). Musically, the group combines djent-infused riffs and resounding breakdowns with rock and pop elements. Today (4th), the group has teamed up with Metal Insider for an early exclusive EP stream.


The group comments:

“The 4 songs on this E.P have existed in some form or another for a long time now. We spent years tweaking them, shelving them, pulling them out and tweaking them again, only to repeat the process until eventually we just had to get them out into the world. With the exception of True Believer, the Covid-19 pandemic meant that this E.P had to be recorded entirely in isolation in each of our home studios. It was tough at first, but we believed in the music and in the end it brought us where we needed to be. I hope you all enjoy the brighter side of this two E.P journey as much as we enjoyed making it.” – Andy, Kai, Riki, Maki


Listen to the EP below: