Edmonton prog metal outfit Tylor Dory Trio’s new album, Unsought Salvation, will be released tomorrow (21st). The group has teamed up with Metal Insider to stream the record a little early. Formed in 2012, the group’s music is influenced by bands Opeth, Alice In Chains, and Rush. They’ve taken a different direction in prog as their music is open to many experimentations. This record will once again capture their light and dark melodies as the band explained:  

“We’re extraordinarily excited to finally be releasing our new album ‘Unsought Salvation’! It’s been a long time coming, it’s taken us through many highs and lows to complete, and we’re so very interested to see what people think of our new baby – so please track us down on social media, email, or in-person to let us know if you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in the middle.

We believe that ‘Unsought Salvation’ perfectly captures the band’s complete sound – combining some of the lighter, upbeat moments from our first self titled EP, the darker, moodier atmosphere of the ‘Carried Away’ EP, and more concise, mature songwriting than each of our previous releases. There’s still plenty of odd times, dynamic changes, unconventional chord progressions, playful drum and bass interplay, and slippery guitar solos, but we also focused on trimming the fat off of our arrangements so that we served the songs as opposed to showing off our musical abilities.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for lending us your ears and your time to listen to our new album. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!”

Stream the album below and order it here: