Dave Lombardo’s Dead Cross might be heavier than Slayer

Posted by on March 18, 2016

720x405-DC-robin-laananenOkay, maybe “We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead” isn’t quite as groundbreaking as Slayer, but the first taste we’re hearing of Dead Cross is certainly as aggressive as anything they’ve done, and in a different way. Produced by Ross Robinson, the project came about when Lombardo booked studio time with Robinson just before Philm, who he’d been drumming for broke up. He invited former The Locust members Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian to jam, and Dead Cross was born. The band, which also includes Retox guitarist Michael Crain, have a whole album recorded with Robinson, although there’s no release date or label yet.

“We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead” has Lombardo’s signature drumming, and like the Locust, kind of has a digital hardcore vibe to it, although it’s certainly analog. It’s super thrashy, punk as fuck, and over before it wears out its welcome. Rolling Stonewho premiered the track today, spoke to Lombardo, who said this about Dead Cross:

“This band provokes my aggression. We, Ross included, all have fearless musical mindsets. Our collective résumés definitely reflect that. I believe that when you have musicians in a room that share that particular attribute, it takes you to another level in every way.  With this band, I play harder, I play faster, and I play with the fury that this music demands. Each member brings a great deal of intensity and skill to the table. It’s invigorating to work with them.”


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