Darkest Hour streaming new album

Posted by on August 1, 2014

Currently on the road with the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Darkest Hour have a new album, their first for Sumerian, coming out on Tuesday (5). The metalcore band have always been a step of two ahead of the curve, and for their self-titled album, they’re getting more melodic than they’ve ever been. It could be the band’s last ditch effort to go commercial 14 years into their career, but it sounds natural. As you’ve heard on songs like “Rapture in Exile,” there’s still plenty of heaviness on the album, but as you’ve already heard on songs like “By the Starlight,” there’s melody to be had as well. So far, opinion seems to be divided. Looking at the YouTube comments, there  are a lot of old school fans accusing the band of selling out, but others defending the sound, and some newcomers that might not be familiar with the band that are digging them. Give it a listen, then pick it up on Tuesday if you’re into it. You can do that here.


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