After four years of silence, the Chileans of Coffin Curse are back. Their second full-length album,The Continuous Nothing, was released yesterday (22nd) in CD format via Memento Mori and set for vinyl on July 18th via Eat My Records.
The project formed by Carlos Fuentes and Max Neira stamps all their energy on this powerful and raw full-lengthhighlyinfluenced by yesteryear’s classic death metal sounds. This album is conceived as a natural evolution of their debut record,Ceased to Be, from 2020 and keeps true to their heavy roots of accelerated riffs and unstoppable drums.
With unwavering dedication, the band meticulously produced the new album, which Damian Herring mastered at Subterranean Watchtower, USA. The talented artist Daniel Hermosilla created the album artwork, a visual masterpiece. With 8 songs in total, the record is a testament to the band’s passion and commitment to the classic death metal genre, with its tremendous energy in both instruments and vocals resonating from the beginning to the end of every chord.
As a token of their appreciation for their dedicated fans, Coffin Curse will be releasing a limited edition vinyl ofThe Continuous Nothing. This exclusive edition, thanks toEat My Records, will include only 500 copies, each a unique collector’s item. The vinyl will be available in three distinct designs: 300 copies in EMR10 Black, 100 copies in EMR10 Marbled, and 100 copies in EMR10 Clear.


Side A:
01) Thin the Herd (03:04)
02) Bacchanal of the Mortal (05:36)
03) Deceased Races (05:29)
04) Reeking Filth of Ages (04:08)
Side B:
01) Primitive Doctrines Crushed (05:28)
02) Mauled by Unseen Atrocities (03:53)
03) Among the Suffering Souls (05:37)
04) The Dead s Deafening Silence (09:33)

Line up:

Max Neira – Voz, Guitarra, Bajo (2012 – present)
Carlos Fuentes – Batería (2018 – present)