Check out a brand new song from Napalm Death

Posted by on November 19, 2014

napalmdeathIt’s turning into a banner day for new music. One one end of the spectrum, we have Faith No More, which we knew was coming, but not this soon. On the other is a brand new song from Napalm Death that just debuted on Decibel. “Cesspits” is taken off the band’s forthcoming album, Apex Predator – Easy Meat. We’ve also known that album was coming out, on January 27th on Century Media, but didn’t expect to hear new music this soon. This is fast, brutal and punishing, showing that three decades in, Napalm Death are showing no signs of mellowing with age. Here’s what Barney Greenway said about the song:

 “Cesspits is both literally and figuratively about people living in holes. It is perhaps one of the ultimate indignities and one of those things that a blind eye is often turned to. The subject matter called for a very savage delivery, and although there are quite a few musical facets to this song, it doesn’t stop letting rip.”


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