Bring Me The Horizon have a Happy Song for you

Posted by on July 12, 2015


We knew Bring me the Horizon had something in the works earlier this week, when a logo started popping up on their social media (and as a tattoo on some members, for that matter) as well as around London. Earlier today, we found out what it was, as the band released “Happy Song,” presumably the first proper single from the metalcore band’s follow-up to 2012’s Sempiternal.

As we’ve heard from the songs the band have released last year, they’re taking the more melodic route that Sempiternal started, and the new song is no exception. “Happy Song” sounds like it was written to be played in arenas. With it’s “sing along, a little ‘fuckin’ louder to a happy song, you’ll be just fine” chorus, to the choir of children (which they’ve used in the past), it’s a nice bridge from their past to the more commercial band that they’re becoming. There’s still no word on when the album will be out, or what the rest of it sounds like, but this will certainly make many a BTMH fan happy.


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