Photo credit: Andrew McEnaney


Better Lovers have concluded 2023 with a surprise single, “Two Alive Amongst The Dead,” hinting at their upcoming debut full-length under SharpTone Records. With two sold-out BLissmas shows in Buffalo on December 8 and 9, the band also gears up for festival performances in 2024. As described by Greg Puciato, the song rebels against societal divisions and promotes unity by recognizing commonalities over differences.


Puciato explained:

“This song is about saying fuck you to the societal and institutional pressure to fall for “me versus you”/” us versus them” divisional tactics and realizing that we’re stronger when we remember the ways we’re the same, trying to find commonalities instead of differences. Understanding and finding compassion for one another instead of allowing ourselves to be separated and controlled. Brothers and sisters. Pieces of the same consciousness.”


Listen to the song below: