Banshee drops new single “Chamber;” reveals her favorite women in metal

Posted by on January 18, 2022


Trap metal project Banshee led by mastermind Rachel Knight, who gained traction in 2019 mainly from TikTok, has dropped her latest single “Chamber.” Stepping away from tradition, the artist has formed her unique blend of black metal consisting of dark melodies, trap beats, and hyperpop. 

Knight comments:

“Setting boundaries shouldn’t kill the mood so I’m romanticizing it. It doesn’t matter what you wear or how you act, your body is yours.”


Listen to the track below:


We caught up with Rachel as she shared a breakdown of her favorite women in metal:


Simone Simons: I love her because she is unapologetically herself, and I love Epica because they have songs that speak to me as a survivor. She also supports LGBTQIA+ which makes my queer metal heart so happy.

Angela Gossow: She’s the reason I learned to scream. She’s one of the first women I ever heard doing it, so I never imagined myself being able to do it until I heard Arch Enemy. I also named one of my Webkinz after her when I was 13.  

Melissa Cross: When I found out that she’s the teacher behind so many great metal vocalists, I thought “ok I’m gonna do it.” And watched her videos at age 15. She developed a technique that doesn’t damage vocal chords. She’s a genius.

Tarja Turunen:  She’s so talented and graceful. She brought such an angelic presence to Nightwish, their albums with her meant so much to me growing up and still do. Everything about her is so iconic.



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