Attila never sounded so good than on this smooth R&B cover

Posted by on December 4, 2014

Of all the complaints about Attila, who currently have their highest-selling album of their career, there are probably some out there concerned that they aren’t able to discern the lyrics of modern-day Dylan Chris “Fronz” Fronzak. Thankfully, Cleveland R&B/metal band Atlas Uncharted have done the heavy lifting and done a smooth R&B cover of the band’s “About That Life.” So now you can much more clearly discern smoooth and sultry lyrics like “she rides my dick like it’s a merry go round and I just bust my nut on her.” Thanks, Atlas Uncharted!

Honestly, Attila’s lyrics aren’t any less offensive than some R Kelly or Lil’ Kim lyrics, but when isolated and actually sang instead of growled, it just makes the original that much more ridiculous. By means of comparison, in case you’ve never made it all the way through an Attila song before, we’ve included the original version of the song below.


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