Attack Attack! Confirm Lineup Changes, Premieres New Song

Posted by on December 20, 2012

Last week, bassist John Holgado announced his departure from Attack Attack! Then a few days later, after initially starting off as rumors, singer Caleb Shomo also confirmed he was leaving the crabcore group for similar personal reasons. And today, not only did Attack Attack! confirm its new members, but also premiered a new song.

Along with officially introducing Phil Druyor (also of I Am Abomination) and bassist Tyler Sapp, Attack Attack! is streaming and offering a free download of a new song called “No Defeat” via Alt Press. Here’s what the group had to say with the premiere of “No Defeat”:

“Ladies and gentlemen,

I’m sure you have heard and seen the posts of Caleb and AJ leaving Attack Attack.  Not to worry, for Andrew and I have great news!

We’re proud to announce that Phil Druyor from I Am Abomination will be singing on the new jams.  Phil totally kicks ass and is a sweet dude.  You all will worship the ground he walks on before too long.  Seriously.

I’m also proud to announce that Tyler Sapp will be filling out the 4th slot in the band, picking up where Aj left off.  You all know Tyler.  He’s been one of my best friends, roommate, merch guy, and resident Muay Thai specialist in the AA crew since 2009.

Finally, let us preface your thoughts with this. We do not give a shit. Go download our new song for free. If you hate it, then fuck you.  We don’t like your ass anyways.

Love, -Wetzel, Andrew, Phil, Tyler”

Eloquently said, eh? Alt Press also interviewed Druyor and drummer Andrew Wetzel. In addition to talking about the new album and lineup changes, Attack Attack! also talk about their free agent status (saying they hope to self-release the next album, but that it’s still too soon to tell). In case you’re really curious as to what the new and “improved” Attack Attack! sounds like, listen or download the song over at Alt Press.

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