Artificial Brain drop new single “Celestial Cyst”

Posted by on April 5, 2022


New York progressive death metal outfit Artificial Brain (former members of Revocation, Pyrexia, Pyrrhon, etc.) have announced a June 03 release date for their third studio album via Profound Lore Records. The group has dropped the first single, titled “Celestial Cyst.” Guest appearances include Nocturnus AD vocalist Mike Browning, Gorguts vocalist/guitarist Luc Lemay, Colin Marston (Krallice, etc.) and Paulo Paguntalan (Miasmatic Necrosis).


Listen to the track below and pre-order the album here



Track List:

01) Artificial Brain
02) Glitch Cannon
03) Celestial Cyst
04) A Lofty Grave
05) Tome Of The Exiled Engineer
06) Embalmed With Magma
07) Parasite Signal
08) Cryogenic Dreamworld
09) Insects And Android Eyes
10. Last Words Of The Wobbling Sun




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