Amplified: Because it’s Halloween, here’s a lo-fi doom EP from Sleepy Cheese

Posted by on October 31, 2014

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We get a fair amount of submissions to Amplified or to our “tips” email. And we try to listen to everything we get, but every now and then you get an intro that makes it an automatic shift to the top of the pile. An opening sentence like “My name is Sky Traceable and I am releasing a lofi doom EP i made in my parents basement this Halloween” is pretty much guaranteed to get us to bump it up in priority. It turns out that Sky’s project, Sleepy Cheese, is actually pretty awesome. His resulting EP, Thank God It Hurts, st’s absolutely lofi, very doomy, and perfect music for All Hallow’s Eve.

In an email interview with Stereogum, Sky says the music “comes from a really dark period in my life.” Living in your parent’s basement can do that, but if it results in this kind of music, we suggest they keep doing what they were doing as long as it doesn’t kill them.

Thank God it Hurts is out now on Forged Artifact.

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