Album Review: Fit For An Autopsy – ‘The sea of Tragic Beasts’

Posted by on October 28, 2019

What is there to say about a band like Fit For An Autopsy? They’ve definitely been pushing the deathcore genre in a whole new direction, putting a whole new spin on the semantics of the scene. These New Jersey natives are the highlights in metal today and should be talked about more. Their previous album, The Great Collapse was the beginning of a new sound for the band, which turned out to be a step in the right direction. Now this album, The Sea of Tragic Beasts, totally embodies that sound and emerges as a cohesive vision of the band’s brutality and passion. Each song has great value as stand-alone tracks, but they also flow together perfectly, acting as one whole piece.

Kicking off the record is one of the best riffs Gojira never wrote. Usually, when a band gets compared to another band, it has a negative connotation. However, I disagree. Being compared to Gojira is an extreme compliment, seeing as they are the masters of writing massive, heavy riffs. The self-titled track is destructive from beginning to end. The Gojira-esque riff is straightforward with heaviness, and with the inclusion of vocalist Joe Badolato’s commanding scream, “Fall in the fire with me,” it takes the song to a whole new level. Need not forget the smashing breakdown of triplets right after the bridge; this song keeps getting better. Throughout the LP, the band tends to take tracks to different levels of extremities, either with anger and chaos, or melody and sorrow.

On songs like “Shepard,” you can feel the intensity pulsing through every beat, strum, and scream. Not only is the music an enormous force of emotion, but you can feel the anguish in the lyrics. “Unloved” shows the melodic side of the band, where they demonstrate how slowing it down can still be impactful. The whole tune gradually builds up to an insane collapse with this screeching riff at the end; it’s just pure chaotic bliss. I can’t tell you how many times I revisited that part of the song.
“Birds of Prey” is another gem in the band’s catalog, as this track exposes the band’s growing identity. The sad, imposing riffs mixed with chanting verses have you banging your head immediately. The rhythm in the song is evoking and monstrous. As the song progresses, you’re not sure what else the band can muster up, but then the solo arrives. It swoops in so graciously and fits ideally with the sad aesthetic of the track. It shines as a glimmer of hope amidst the decay and destruction.

A song like “Napalm Dreams” really shows how far the band has come in their songwriting abilities. The track is loaded with catchy melodies, hooks, and brutality. Joe’s vocals are top-notch, and they showcase the versatility of his talents. This song might not be fast and angry, but it’s still dark and brooding. I want to shout out to drummer Josean Orta for a fantastic performance on this one. Joe’s striking lyrics might mask his playing, but the drums push and compliment everything. Closing the album with this piece was an excellent choice. The slow fading lyric, “All I wanted was a way out,” works so eloquently and leaves a pivotal final impression.

Overall, The Sea of Tragic Beasts is the perfect combination of heavy and melancholy. What pushes this album to the next level is the production. The mastermind of the band, Will Putney, illustrates why he’s the best in the business. The sound is crisp, yet thick, and nothing is buried in the mix. Each element surfaces when desired and compliments each component of the writing. A lot of work and creativity went into the production of this record. Fit for an Autopsy has evolved and acquired a clear sense of their musical identity.


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