2014 – the year of new Godflesh

Posted by on May 8, 2014

godflesh1-300x300Last year, Justin K. Broadrick made the metal and industrial world very happy be announcing that Godflesh would be touring the States. Of course, that wasn’t meant to be, but they made good on it by coming back earlier this year (in fact, we got some pretty great shots of it). And while there hasn’t been any new music from them since 2001’s Hymns, that’s about to change. Like next month. In a posting that theprp found on his Facebook page about a signature 8 string guitar that he has coming out via Blackhart Guitars, Broadrick spilled the beans that not only is an EP, Decline & Fall, coming out on June 2nd, but A World Lit Only By Fire, a full length album, sill be out in late September via his own Avalanche Records.

In a comment on the thread, stating that the new Godflesh might be djent because it was recorded with an 8 string guitar, Broadrick replied:

I am unsure as to what Djent is! I have been playing an 8 string guitar for a few years now, first release that was 8 string was the Jesu ‘Christmas’ EP in 2010. All new Godflesh, both the EP and the new LP, were written and recorded with an 8 string, mainly due to the ability to tune even lower coupled with the capability to achieve more complex dissonant chords and riffs. On the latest jesu LP ‘Every day I….’, ‘The Great Leveller’ is with 8 string guitar….

He goes on to detail a bit of information about the EP, Decline & Fall, stating that it will be available on Avalanche’s Bandcamp. There will be limited editions of the CD and vinyl available, which will come with free download of the digital version that will contain the bonus hidden tracks on the domestic Japanese release. If you just pick up the digital version online from a music store, it won’t come with the bonus tracks. In short, your world is about to get a  bunch more Godflesh, and it’ll be incredibly exciting to hear what new material from the band sounds like in 2014.

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