Behemoth’s Nergal On The Cover Of Polish ‘Newsweek’

Posted by on September 12, 2011

Suddenly the idea of seeing Nergal on the Polish version of The Voice doesn’t seem as odd. As you can tell from the picture off to the side, the Behemoth frontman is featured on the cover of his homeland country’s edition of Newsweek.

With the headline reading “God Horror Homeland: The Unknown Face of the Polish Devil,” it’s safe to assume that the cover story primarily focuses on Nergal’s bible tearing incident and the court battle behind it. Although we wouldn’t doubt that other topics, like his new job on The Voice, his battle with leukemia, and maybe even music are discussed in the article. Keep in mind that though metal might be big in Eastern Europe, Nergal is seen more as a celebrity figure thanks to his health scare and for his tabloid relationship with Polish pop singer Dorota Rabczewska.

Regardless, we still never expected to see an image of Nergal (shirtless or not) with the Newsweek logo hanging above him.

[via Metal Sucks and Metal Injection]

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