Heaven Shall Burn Shall Trend

Posted by on January 4, 2011

Quick, what’s one of the latest trending topics on Twitter? Justin Bieber? Nope. Twilight? Think again. The Giants going 10-6 and still missing the playoffs? Nope, but that’s good for a laugh. Whatever you might guess, German metal quintet Heaven Shall Burn probably wouldn’t be up there, but they’re currently among the top ten trending topics on the site.

It’s hard to pinpoint what started the band as a trending topic. Their latest album, Invictus (Iconoclast III), came out in May of last year, and they’re not doing anything in America right now. However, with their semi-provocative name, it probably didn’t take long for non-metalheads and upset Christians to latch on to the band’s name and think that either they’re anti-religious (they’re not) or pro-violence (they’re not that either, in fact, the video for “Combat” was premiered on human rights group Amnesty International’s website).

Tongue planted firmly in cheek, the band issued the following statement: Us being into the glorification of violence, destruction of the earth and Satanism has been an open secret. Our videos for ‘Combat‘ and ‘Endzeit‘  speak a very clear language regarding what we are about. Finally our message translated – even to religious fanatics!” As a look at the above screen grab shows, Christian Justin Bieber fans that like Twilight are offended, which means someone’s doing something right.

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