Metal Power Rankings: sturm and dang this new Lamb of God rules

Posted by on May 16, 2015

Welcome to Metal Power Rankings: Our weekly rankings take a number of factors into account: newsworthiness, record sales, internet buzz, word of mouth and overall importance in the genre. Ultimately, it’s subjective, but if a band generates enough buzz, they’ll wind up on the list. When a band of Lamb of God’s magnitude sneak-releases a new song, that’s reason enough for them to maintain their residency at the top of the charts. And then there’s the new album, which we’ll be hearing in about two months.


1) Lamb of God (from 1)
The countdown on their website has ended. The countdown for the new album has begun!


2) Faith No More (from 3)
With Sol Invictus out on Tuesday, and your Instagram feed being taken over by their two sold-out shows in NYC, Faith No More are having a moment. The reviews on the record are also WAY more positive than we initially saw, probably because it completely rules.


3) Metallica (from 7)
Sing us a thong, you’re the drummer man…Not many bands need to release a statement to press basically saying, “No no guys, that’s Lars’s bare ass with a shadow over it,” but not many bands are Metallica. Their resurfacing at Rock in Rio USA was more than welcome, too.


4) Slipknot (no change)
The band’s tour will keep word of mouth going, not to mention that Jim Root is already working on a new album.


5) Iron Maiden (re-entry)
It’s great to hear that Bruce is ok to sing again, and that we’ll be getting a new Maiden album soon.


6) Megadeth (re-entry)
Dave Mustaine was the subject of a lengthy Rolling Stone interview earlier this week. Among the tidbits: New album is coming along nicely, and we were closer to a full-on reunion than we thought. He even makes a solid dig at ex-members’ mudslinging without letting it dominate the conversation. Love or hate the guy, he can play the game.


7) Kamelot (from 9)
The new Kamelot album had a solid debut, making its way to #40. Not to mention the fact that there are actually happy people at their shows.


8) Ghost (re-entry)
A new album coming from Ghost? Maybe? They seemed to not quite be aware of it.


9) High on Fire (re-entry)
A new High on Fire song that happens to be one of their best in years? A tour with Pallbearer? Everything’s coming up Luminiferous.


10) Deftones (re-entry)
The band’s set at Rock in Rio USA went off without a hitch. Mainly because everyone kept their pants on. Now bring on the new album! We’ve heard plenty of teasing already.


11) Mastodon (from 6)
They’re coming to Central Park next week. That’s just dope.


12) Coal Chamber (re-entry)
Was this the reunion metal wanted? As beloved as DevilDriver is, it’s hard to say the same for their precursors. But with Rivals out next week, let’s give it a chance and not run them over with a “Big Truck” just yet.


13) Between the Buried and Me (from 8)
The “Coma Ecliptic” video is out! Lots of other bands are doing even more exciting things at the moment, but BTBAM will get the spotlight soon enough.

14) Weedeater (debut)
Goliathan has worlds of buzz. No, we didn’t say bud, but they’ve got that too. Also, #weed.


15) King Parrot (debut)
The Phil Anselmo-approved Aussie grindlords are the hype band of the moment for everyone wishing Pig Destroyer would make a new record already.

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