IKEA_or_DEATH_avatarEven if you haven’t spent a ton of time trolling around Ikea stores getting your  Fight Club fix on searching for that perfect coffee table that looks like a Yin and Yang, you may still have noticed their product names bearing a striking resemblance to many of your favorite death metal band names. Pittsburgh-based ad agency Gatesman+Dave noticed  and developed a website complete with an interactive test, comparing the labels while also gaging players’ knowledge on either subject. It’s been bouncing around the internets for the past few days, to the point of our non-metal friends forwarding it to us.

While the Ikea connection to death metal may not seem obvious, Ikea is a Scandanavian company, which is where death metal has such strong roots. But Gatesman+Dave’s test is entertaining and well-researched to say the least beginning with Absu, Norden or Vittsjo to start the challenge.  Try the test for yourself here, but be warned. If you are cocky regarding either apartment decor or the darkest of metal, you may be in for an ego crush.