Fall/Winter preview: 24 albums to look forward to for the rest of 2016

Posted by on September 12, 2016

shadecrownShadecrown, Agonia (Inverse)

Hailing from Finland, the fresh melodic death metal act Shadecrown has arrived as they release their debut studio album Agonia on October 21st under Inverse Records. Their style incorporates different Metal types that range from thrash to melodic death, however, after hearing the album teaser, I heard a decent amount of Insomnium influences. The group formed in 2012 and previously released an EP, where after this debut I believe will generate a positive reaction.



anaalAnaal Nathrakh, The Whole of the Law (Metal Blade) 

Extreme metallers Anaal Nathrakh are back with their ninth chaotic effort with The Whole of the Law on October 28th under Metal Blade Records. It has been two years since 2014’s Desideratum, however, after listening to the new tune “Depravity Favours the Bold,” one can only assume it will be filled with madness and hell from beginning to end.



crowbartheserpentonlyliesCrowbar, The Serpent Only Lies (eOne)

The New Orleans sludge metal act Crowbar themselves have promised their eleventh studio album The Serpent Only Lies will be a “powerful follow-up.” Set to release on October 28th under eOne, as it was only two years since 2014’s Symmetry in Black. I’m not sure exactly how they do it but, if you hear the new single “Falling While Rising,” you will be hooked from the first note as the fortified doom sounds continue.



dehumanizecdDehumanized, Beyond the Mind (Comatose Music)

It has been four years since 2012’s Controlled Elite and now these New Yorkers are back with their third studio album Beyond the Mind on October 28th on Comatose Music. During this wait, Dehumanized have spent a decent amount of time writing for this album to make sure it is filled with chaos, destruction, and bloodshed. The teaser alone has revealed such insanity.



testamentbrotherhoodcdcoverTestament, Brotherhood of the Snake (Nuclear Blast)

Thrash metal gods Testament are at it again with the upcoming eleventh studio album Brotherhood of the Snake set to release on October 28th under Nuclear Blast records. It has been four years since 2012’s Dark Roots of Earth, and I don’t think they stopped touring since. Therefore, it surprised me to hear that the eleventh album has finally arrived, and you can hear about it for yourself here.



darktranquillityatomacdDark Tranquillity, Atoma (Century Media)

It has been three years since 2013’s Construct, where one would wonder what can Dark Tranquillity do next and how can they surprise us all? Well, not too much has been revealed including any sneak peeks into the awaited eleventh studio album Atoma that is set to release on November 4th, under Century Media Records. All we know is that a sample will be revealed “very soon” from these Swedish melodic death metal masters and well anything from them is an excitement of its own.


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