You Can Forget About Trying Out For Anthrax

Posted by on January 10, 2013

h=”300″ height=”262″ />So you heard that Rob Caggiano left Anthrax lest week, right? The band has the Metal Alliance tour coming up in a few months, and they need a guitar player before then, you thought. So you probably dusted off your Among the Living CD and started learning all of Dan Spitz’s leads, imagining Joey Belladonna putting his arm around you with an Indian headdress on. Sadly, yesterday Anthrax dashed your hopes and dreams, as they used their Facebook page to let would-be shredders know that there won’t e any auditions for Caggiano’s replacement.

We love you all, and are confident you shred like Yngwie Malmsteen after a case of Red Bull, but to answer all 57,000 messages at once, WE ARE NOT DOING AUDITIONS for lead guitarist.

That means one of two things: either they’re not going to replace Rob, leaving rhythm guitarist Scott Ian as the only guitarist in Anthrax, or they have a short list of potential replacements and will fill the position internally. We’re thinking it’s more like the second option. It’d be amazing if they got Dan Spitz to resume guitar duties. Let’s face it, both Joey Belladonna and Frank Bello have taken breaks from the band, and if Spitz comes back, it’ll be his third stint in Anthrax, just like it is Belladonna’s. But there’s no shortage of other guitarists that could step in. Just know that it’s not going to be you.

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