Threat Signal explain drummer change and new album

Posted by on August 26, 2015

With former drummer Joey Muha now playing in Jungle Rot since June, Canada’s Threat Signal have issued a statement on the most recent line-up changes with the band.

Said the band, via Facebook:

“Some may have heard these rumors already, but now its time to clear the air.

A few months ago we parted ways with our drummer Joey Muha. There were ongoing issues between him and another band member, so the situation needed to be resolved before the band could continue. We unfortunately came to the conclusion Joey had to be let go. We wish him the best, and hold no hard feelings.

On a positive note, our great friend Andrew Minarik filled in for the recording of our newest album, which is currently being mixed by Mark Lewis of Audiohammer studios. Andrew will not be a full time member due to other commitments, but has been kind enough to lend us his hands and legs for the recording and promotion of the album.”

The band is on the look out for a touring drummer, with the hopes that it could become a full time gig. Guitarist Travis Montgomery explained a bit more of the touring situation with the band in a comment:

“Having so many lineup changes has most likely hurt the band a bit, like you’ve said. People leave for their own reasons, and it’s completely out of our control as to what other people choose to do. Unless you’re out there touring with a band, it’s not really possible to understand how tough it actually is.

Some people leave because they can’t handle touring…some people leave because we honestly don’t make much money and it’s just not financially feasible for them…some people have too much stuff going on in their life and being in a touring band at that moment isn’t working for them.

We have had quite a few member changes, but Jon, Pat and I always try to hold it down so that we can continue creating music for you guys. We may not be at the level that we and other people had hoped TS would be at by this point, but we never let that or member changes keep us from having fun making music.”

Vocalist Jon Howard is the lone founding member left since the band formed in 2003. Their fourth studio album, as mentioned above, is currently being mixed, and will follow up their 2011 self-titled release on Nuclear Blast.

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