Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan Recording Bass For Stone Sour’s New Album

Posted by on June 4, 2012

Shortly before Stone Sour confirmed bassist Shawn Economaki’s departure, guitarist Jim Root let a picture of a bass player in the studio leak online. At the time, it was unclear who this mysterious bassist was. As it turns out, it’s none other than Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan.

While Stone Sour have kept mum about it, Bolan has actually been tweeting about his time in the studio with the band for over a month now. The Skid Row bassist also confirmed his recording gig in an interview with TheBackstageBeat.com. While you can watch the entire interview in the video below, Bolan had the following to say about how the opportunity to record with Stone Sour came about:

“And on top of that, just out of nowhere, my phone rings one morning, and it’s Corey Taylor from Stone Sour, and he’s, like, ‘Would you be interested in playing bass on the new Stone Sour record?’ So, of course, I said ‘Yes,’ cause I’m a huge fan of the band and they’re all really, really great guys. So I’ve been doing that in between the Skid Row gigs.”

It’s rather interesting that Stone Sour chose Bolan to play bass since Taylor is quite friendly with his former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach (the two even sang together at this year’s Lazerfest in Iowa). And any Skid Row fan knows that Bach’s relationship with his former bandmates since his split in 1996 is (to put it nicely) less than friendly. Whether Bolan will be joining the band on the road or just in the studio is still unclear, though it’s safe to say that his number 1 priority is still Skid Row.

You can watch Bolan’s entire interview with TheBackstageBeat.com after the jump [note: his comments regarding Stone Sour are made around the 1:05 mark].


[picture via Ogre Photography]

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