Mikko Kotamaki Leaves Barren Earth

Posted by on July 8, 2013

Today, Finnish progressive death metal supergroup Barren Earth has announced the departure of it’s singer Mikko Kotamaki. The band, which has released an EP and two albums so far since their inception in 2007, exists as a side project for its members, who are all a part of other Finnish metal groups such as Amorphis and Kreator. Vocalist Mikko is also the vocalist for doom metal band Swallow the Sun, which is likely the main cause of his departure from Barren Earth, based on this statement:

“Dear friends. We regret to announce the departure of Mikko Kotamäki from BARREN EARTH. Due to conflicting schedules, Mikko cannot contribute to BARREN EARTH’s activities any longer. The decision was made by mutual agreement with absolutely no drama involved. We will keep working on new material, and will launch search for a new vocalist shortly. BARREN EARTH wants to thank Mikko for his crucial input for BARREN EARTH’s works and wishes him all the best in the future.”

The timing of his departure is interesting, as the band recently posted a picture on their Facebook that seems to be a tracklist of what could be a new album. An upcoming album was also hinted at in an interview with guitarist Sami Yli-Sirnio. Whether Mikko will appear on the  new album is still unclear, but they will definitely need someone new for live dates.


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