Wage War guitarist at center of hilarious meme

Posted by on January 25, 2017


We’re living in strange times. It’s hard to tell real news from fake news, we’ve got a new President that at the very least, is a bit polarizing. This past Saturday, nearly three million people marched around the world as part of the Women’s March. Whether you’re for Trump or against him, there’s one thing that has bipartisan support: Chipotle charges too much for guacamole. While this isn’t to take away from the other way more serious causes, Wage War guitarist Seth Blake , visiting New York on Saturday, saw an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. After being charged $2.30 for guac at a Chipotle, way more than it costs in his native Florida, he had an idea. Speaking to Rockfeed, he says the following:

“To be honest, it all started as a joke. I was in NYC for the first time this past weekend, and there were obviously all kinds of protests and the women’s march that took place. I actually picked up a sign from the women’s march off the ground that had a blank side. I was eating at chipotle in midtown manhattan where the guac was $2.30 extra. Quite a bit more than it typically is in Florida. So I went to the cashier to ask if I could borrow one of her markers. She let me (having no clue what I was going to write). I proceeded to write, “WHY IS GUAC EXTRA?” on the sign and stood in front of that Chipotle for about 2 or 3 minutes while my girlfriend and her brother took a couple pictures. After seeing how the picture turned out, I thought it would be pretty funny to provide some comic relief for family and friends on social media during a very divided day for our country. Over the course of the next 24hrs the picture completely exploded beyond any expectations I had and was viral in a flash. Definitely something I’ll always remember. I guess I’ll have to frame the picture to hang up in my house now.”

Naturally, the post went viral, for several reasons. With such divisiveness going on, everyone needs something to break the tension, stress and anger on both sides of the coin, and Blake’s post might be the first time that’s happened since Trump took office. Secondly, it is kinda bullshit that Chipotle is charging so much for something that’s free just about everywhere else. It’s also encouraging to know that it was just something that he did for a few minutes on a lark, and not long enough to take away from all the other more worthwhile causes. In addition to temporary internet fame, Blake also got five free burrito cards from Chipotle after his post went viral.

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