This is how to be a church drummer

Posted by on September 19, 2014


We’re not  familiar with the song “Oceans,” but according to Wikipedia, it’s a religious song by Australian Worship band Hillsong United. We’re also not all that familiar with church, but if we lived anywhere near the one where this drummer performed, that might have to change.  Earlier this week, this video “How to play ‘Oceans'” was uploaded to YouTube, and it’s fantastic. The drummer clearly is hearing a different song than the solemn hymn being performed by the rest of the church band, and whether it’s the spirit moving him, or there aren’t any metal bands near him, he’s definitely making the song his own. And by “making the song his own,” we mean playing a solo in the middle of it. Not too much is known about this guy – for all we know, he could be the new Slipknot drummer. Just so you can A/B the cover and the original, here’s the nine-minute-long (!) original, which has a hell of a lot less drums.


[via New York Daily News]

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