The new Times Square Guitar Center is very guitary

Posted by on August 11, 2014

Until last week, when you mentioned guitars and Times Square in the same sentence, this guy was probably the only thing to come to mind. That was before Guitar Center opened a flagship store in the center of the commercial universe. And business seems to be booming – at least if you judge by the reddit user that uploaded a short video to the site. The clip is only 37 seconds long, but it seems interminable, as guitarists from seemingly every borough and a bunch of tourists try to outshred each other. Referred to by NYC blog Gothamist as a “new circle of hell,” we’re going to look at things from a glass half full perspective. At least people are caring about live music again and buying new instruments, (or trying them out in the store, anyway). People buying instruments from places like Guitar Center help out the instrument manufacturers, and indirectly, the music industry. Also, any true New Yorker knows to avoid Times Square like the plague anyway – now we just have one more reason to.

[h/t Metal Injection]


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