The Count from ‘Sesame Street’ lip-syncing Pantera is everything

Posted by on March 23, 2017

Yesterday was a relatively momentous occasion for Pantera fans, as it was the 23rd anniversary of their seventh album, Far Beyond Driven. Granted, that’s not a milestone year like Vulgar Display of Power, which celebrated it’s 20th anniversary last month, but really, if it gave you an opportunity to dust off one of Pantera’s finest hours, the anniversary more than served it’s purpose. 

Former Nine Inch Nails member and multi-instrumentalist Danny Lohner is obviously a fan. Looking at his Instagram feed, he celebrated Vulgar‘s anniversary last month, but for Far Beyond Driven‘s, he had even loftier ambitions. What better way than to have Sesame Street‘s The Count jam out to “25 Years” from the album. It makes total sense, as 25 is a number and the most goth of all Henson’s creatures likes to count. The only thing more relevant was if it was “Five Minutes Alone,” but we’re not about to nitpick. 

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