Today in ridiculous merch: Mastodon get a legging up

Posted by on May 8, 2015

More like Once ‘Round the Buns, amirite? Mastodon are no stranger to innovative merch, whether it be a coke mirror as part of a preorder to Once More ‘Round the Sun or a shirt related to their Twerk-gate semi-controversy. And who can forget their Asstodon shorts? At any rate, if you really like Skinner’s artwork to the band’s latest album and want to show off your body in one of the gaudiest ways possible, then the band have just come out with another new and interesting way to show your support for the band: Once More ‘Round the Sun leggings. Granted, if you’ve got the body for it, you could wear pretty much anything as leggings and get away with it, but stretching the very busy (and admittedly pretty awesome) art from the album across your body is not the most flattering thing you can do to your body. And the Mastodon across your ass is slightly more classy than Asstodon, but only slightly. If you’re shameless, then hey, go for it. They’ll run you $40, and you can head over to the  band’s merch store to grab them.


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