If you were raised in the woods of Norway or live in a major city, the thought of a Hot Topic might not appeal to you, but in suburbs and mall culture everywhere, they’re really a gateway to metal. Once a place to buy CDs, it’s also where you could pick up a metal shirt for cheaper than it might be at the concert. And while there’s certainly more cred to picking up a shirt at a show and supporting your favorite band, a lot of bands aren’t touring. At any rate, Hot Topic is currently having a massive T-shirt sale where you can pick up T-shirts from Metallica, Pantera, Slayer and more.

Among our picks are Metallica’s Four Horsemen shirt designed by Baroness frontman John Byer Daisley, a distressed Judas Priest Painkiller shirt, a replica 1994 Slayer shirt, an Iron Maiden Powerslave T and tons more. There’s like over 100 of them and most are $16 or so.

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