Are These Two Of The Worst Band Shirts Ever?

Posted by on October 26, 2012

finalist Brian Holt’s Sunn 0))) design

Music podcast Low Times recently had a genius idea after viewing a TV ad for a custom T-shirt company. After seeing the ad for CustomInk during a viewing of Good Will Hunting, Daniel Ralston came up with an idea – Design The Worst Band Shirt Ever. Using CustomInk’s cheesy clip-art, contestants were encouraged to create the worst possible custom-designed merch as they could.

The idea caught  on, and Low Times got over 1,000 submissions inside of one day. We’re biggest fans of the Sunn 0))) deign, but there is a pretty solid Metallica one as well. Sadly, none of the finalists take on Lulu or Illud Divinum Insanus, since having one of the worst metal albums of the last five years called for one of the worst t-shirts to go along with them. Check Steven Ardo’s Metallica design after the jump.


Steven Ardo’s Metallica design

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