When the iPhone 6 came out, there was a lot of excitement about the newest and largest version of the phone, which has up to 128GB of storage. However, what was quickly noticed is that the iPod Classic, the only non-touch version of the iPod, and the last vestige of the original iPod, was quietly discontinued. Many music fans that didn’t necessarily need apps, and just wanted the iPod classic for it’s nostalgic form and massive 160GB storage, wondered why the company would discontinue the iPod. Yesterday, at a WSJD Live event, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked why. It turns out the parts to make an iPod aren’t available any more:

“We would have to make a whole new product… the engineering work to do that would be massive… the number of people who wanted it is very small.”

While there are still a vocal minority of people that would probably want an iPod, given that iTunes sales have fallen 14% this year as people segueway to streaming, it makes sense that they might not want to keep making the iPod classic. In fact, to whatever the next generation after the millennials is (is there a name for them yet?), the original iPod will look like a cassette player or CD Walkman would to a millennial. Such is life. Reading between the lines, it’s basically Tim Cook saying “we know that everyone’s streaming

[via Digital Music News]