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Posted by on October 3, 2016


There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about Mastodon’s next album. Mainly that it’s coming next year and it’s mostly written. On the eve of their hometown show for Project Pabst, Troy Sanders spoke with the Atlanta Business Chronicle about not only the album, but Ember City, the rehearsal studio the band’s been working on since buying a building. First off, according to the singer/bassist, they entered the studio to record the new album as of yesterday:

Basically, we are going to play this Pabst Oct. 1, then the next day we being recording and we will be holed up at an Atlanta studio for the month of October. We’re excited because we’ve done lots of touring over the past few years. It’s that refreshing cycle of write, record, tour, tour, tour, take a break, write, record, tour, tour, tour. This is one of the many healthy transitions that we do as a band to keep our momentum going. We’re excited about recording because we haven’t recorded a record in over two years. Positive vibes are in the house.

Sanders again states that the album will be out in early 2017, after having dedicated the bulk of the year to writing the follow-up to Once More ‘Round the Sun. They’ve been working on the songs at Ember City, in the only room that’s built out so far. Other rooms are being built out for local bands to rehearse, since two rehearsal facilities in Atlanta closed in the past year:

We have one room that is completely built out where we’ve been rehearsing, but the remainder of the rooms are nearing completion. We’re excited to get this thing up and running. It’s been several months and a lot of hard work. It’s kind of like building a house — you’re excited to see the final product with the fresh paint and nice walls. It was a big deal for our band to move forward with buying a building. We’re almost there. It’s off Sylvan Road in the West End close to the Mall West End.

The whole article is worth checking out, specifically when Sanders talks about the band’s legacy through 16 years.

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