Hear new Mastodon music, see artwork

Posted by on January 26, 2017

As we’d imagined earlier, after four days of snippets featuring each individual member of Mastodon, the wait was over. We have Mastodon music! Well, actually, it’s only about a minute or so of instrumental music. But we’ve also got artwork! Is it the album cover? Maybe, but you can’t really see all of it. It’s 360 degrees, meaning you can see an armor-clad creature with a helmet on, but you have to scroll around to see the hellish landscape that it’s standing on. Alan Brown did the artwork, the band confirmed via Facebook.

Let’s get back to the music. Although it’s instrumental, it’s signature Mastodon. It’s a galloping riff with dual guitar harmonies that hearkens back to the Leviathan/Blood Mountain days. Hopefully we’ll hear the full thing soon, as the loop that we’ve heard while writing this story is making us want to drink whiskey and drive fast (ps, don’t do that). Head here to take it all in, where you can also sign up to find out more about the album.

UPDATE: If you inspect the elements, you’ll see that the song they’re playing a snippet of is called “Sultan’s Curse.” The song is streaming now.


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